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Shiny Healthy People

Welcome!  Well Being, Natural Health, Self Empowerment.  This is your one stop environment for reviews and exciting new developments!  

meet Dr Bob and clinical researcher Lesley

Dr Bob Boomer and Lesley Mclean have spent their entire careers exploring the boundaries of alternative health care.  Travelling the world, they have sought new or forgotten methods of healing and healthy living.  

Dental "Candy" can do wonders for oral health

Yes, its hard to believe that a tasty "candy" can have incredible, positive effects on oral health.  This is of course no ordinary candy, it was developed by a Harvard Doctor looking for a solution to our sub-standard oral health.  Using the bodies own restorative healing powers, combined with advanced probiotics, thousands of regular people are enjoying better oral health and less visits to the dentist!


Easy way to adjust blood sugar?

Can it really be easy?  We all want to avoid the complications of type 2 Diabetes, but do we really have to watch every single thing we eat?  Diets never seem to work over the long haul, so what can we do?  We are currently exploring an exciting discovery that may change everything we thought about type 2 diabetes.  Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement!

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