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Top Doctors' Discovery Improves Oral Biome

Chewable "candy" boosts dental health


Here is how it works:

An award winning Harvard Doctor has researched and developed a method of restoring a "healthy biome" in the human mouth.  The discovery was based on investgative research on exactly WHY our average dental health is not improving despite hundreds of years of improving dental techniques.  It appears that in some cases we are actually depleting the "healthy" bacteria that need to exist in our mouths, these "healthy" bacteria actually target and kill the bad bacteria that causes decay, infection and many other worse things.  Amazingly, he has discovered a way to get these beneficial "micro-soldiers" into our oral biome with, get ready for this, a dental CANDY!  yes, a candy!  Simply let it dissolve or chew it daily and the improved oral biome can be restored to its healthy state.  

Thousands are using this currently and it works like crazy.  Many issues it also can help is: bad breath, bleeding gums, and plaque build up.  See the free video for more in depth reporting on this new development:

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